Certificate in Visual Effect (VFX)

Certificate in Visual effect (VFX) course in Trivandrum VFX stands for visual effects it is for the technology uses in fantasy movies. Visual graphics are now commonly seen in some types of movies also the uses of fantasy movies. Commonly an easy way to have done for the variety of backgrounds of the visuals.

We were actually unexpected by the colors and backgrounds wondering. As well as Visual effects are the best career option for upcoming generations who have to change something in their career. Presently it would be possible for the best course whenever editors have described imagery created. It is in actual footage in manipulated imagery. Clearly visible for this course when our candidates choose they are enjoying mostly it is very challenging for their career. VFX course in Trivandrum this is various job opportunities in Kerala courses not only Kerala all over the world.


Film Editing Courses
Film editing courses

Best Film editing course in Kerala has particular time period we can become a best practicable film editor. Top courses in Icons Education Trivandrum there are Kerala’s no 1 course here. Film editing is assembling the footage and shorts correctly and adds kinds of music or backgrounds its self. Which is can perfectly understanding peoples know the film is interesting with the music and backgrounds correctly structured

Film Poster Design


The best courses for film poster design or graphics design it is for creative work. Because the poster design is an art design commonly is for illustration or photoshop designing. There are two types of graphics first is motion also graphics and picture graphics. The poster design also contains a picturized graphics it is for the use of picturized.

The design work for the main colors of the rainbow in various types of color mixing. That can more attractive for viewers. The course is mainly in the section of Graphics design it uses the tools for how graphics. Creativity makes things can happen how can a person who becomes a designer.

2D and 3D Animation Courses

Animation 2D & 3D

Where to learn Animation Icons Educations is one of the most leading training institutes in 2D and 3D Animations. Animation courses after 12th We are one of the finest animation training centers in Trivandrum. Mostly the 3D animation is used in movies and advertisements. Animations courses in Kerala have a very beautiful audience and popular field and an interesting job is that animation. HereĀ 3D animation Kerala 100% placement assured this is very easy for students seeking jobs

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